Phat Quang Pagoda

Phat Quang pagoda is located in Dinh mountain valley in the Dinh mountain relic complex- Tan Hai commune, Phu My town, Ba Ria- Vung Tau province. In spite of being rustic, simple, plain, Phat Quang pagoda has long become a spiritual home for thousands of Buddhists from all over the country and abroad.

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Prominent in the middle of the valley is the open-air statue of Shakyamuni Buddha, extremely beautiful and majestic, raising such indescribable emotions in anyone who happens to set foot here. Every year, on the occasion of The Celebration of Buddha’s Birthday, The Festival of Filial Piety, or The Commemoration of Buddha’s Enlightenment, thousands of Buddhists come here to immerse themselves in the sacred festival atmosphere.

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Phat Quang Pagoda is not only a place where people practice spirituality and experience the miracle of Buddhism but also a place that brings many practical values, great benefits to life, and beautiful sentiments. Anyone who has come here will never forget the sacred moments of the ceremony, the peaceful scenery in the mountains along with the attractive vegetarian dishes, and the attentive care of young volunteers and students.

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You will have the opportunity to live and experience a simple life here, along with monks and Buddhists, engaging in various activities ranging from spiritual practices like meditation and chanting to health-enhancing activities such as qigong and martial arts training, alongside the daily tasks of life.

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