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Dr. Radhakrishnan (an Indian politician, philosopher, and statesman who served as the second president of India from 1962 to 1967) once said “If Buddhism appeals to the modern mind, it is because Buddhism has the spirit of science and is practical, rather than based on any dogma.”

Buddha’s meditation path is open to everyone, regardless of his status or religion. Everyone can practice meditation, so on the meditation path, we find love and happiness because we have let go of all thoughts.

Meditation involves the practice of purifying and calming our minds, and it has gained worldwide popularity as a means of mental hygiene and brain exercise to alleviate life’s stresses. Meditation centers have emerged across the globe, particularly in Buddhist nations like Burma, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, and numerous Western countries. However, the rate of success among meditation practitioners remains disappointingly low.

In fact, it was only in the Buddha’s time that we had a standard method of meditation practice. At that time, people had little scientific knowledge, so Buddha could not talk much about meditation, He only said enough for people in that era to understand and practice. But because peoples’ capacities were high at that time, many people achieved results.

When Buddha is no longer in the world, the method of meditation is no longer correct. Mankind has never had a science of meditation because meditation is too difficult, in fact, it is the science that synthesizes all the difficulties of all sciences.

Nowadays, within Buddhism, there are many methods that differ from what Buddha taught. Even those who are loyal to Buddha’s teachings are not certain they understand his teachings correctly. However, individuals who have absolute respect for Buddha will naturally determine to find the correct words of Buddha and follow Them strictly.

As Buddhists who have dedicated a significant amount of time to practicing the teachings of Buddha and mastering the most precise meditation methods, we have observed the misconceptions surrounding the Buddhist path and the decline in the quality of meditation practices. We are deeply concerned and determined to bring the Buddha’s profound teachings and accurate meditation techniques to the world.

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